A Note From Mary Megson, M.D.

Over the past years I have been asking questions and trying to get answers about autism. I have always known that these children had a blocked pathway in the brain. They are also smarter than their ability to use language would suggest.

Our goal must be to return our children to health.

Each child with an autistic spectrum disorder (from ADHD and Dyslexia to Asperger's Syndrome and Autism) has different needs .Your child is a unique individual and will need a customized approach to their return to health. Please lobby your insurance company to cover these services. These children are physically ill, and the lab tests needed to diagnose their complex, multi-system medical problems should be covered.

Vaccines save millions of lives ...

No one wants the return to the epidemics of polio, pertussis, and measles. However, we need to expand our knowledge through formal scientific studies to assure that we first do no harm and minimize possible side effects of vaccines. Please lobby your public health and political officials. Ask them to review the timing, amounts, and quality control of vaccines as well as identify and adapt current schedules for those children who may be at risk for an adverse reaction.

As a board certified pediatrician, a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a parent of four children, I have cared deeply about these children for twenty five years. Please spread the word. Let's work together to get these children back! These are some of our best and brightest, many with normal brains and a blocked pathway. Together we can raise awareness and restore our children to health. The most important thing I can pass on to you is a new word to add to your vocabulary about your child: HOPE.